Residential Security

Home Security Systems – Keeping your Home Protected while you are at Home or Away!

What can you as a homeowner do to deter someone from looking at illegally entering your home, vandalizing or removing your personal property and putting an emotional scar on you and your loved ones? The installation of a residential security system that has door and window protection along with a service for monitoring of the security system should be your first step, before someone tries to enter your house, and wIth Honeywell Total Connect you can monitor your entire house from your smartphone or internet capable device. The security it offers you brings you peace of mind, as well as ease of lifestyle, as you’ll be able to automate many functions saving you money, and have remote ability of lights, locks, cameras, heat/cooling systems and more! Homes with visible signs that a security system has been installed, is a clear voice to a would-be visitor to go elsewhere. Whether you are building a new home and want a security system installed while the house is being built, or you have an existing house that you are very comfortable in, Providence Systems, Inc has trained professionals to design and properly install the system for you. We enjoy a well-earned reputation for delivering high quality work on every install we do. How do you get started; simply contact us and a representative of Providence Systems, Inc. will set up a visit to your house to give you a free estimate.